Company Capacity

Production Capacity

Our products are made by using the components that meet the RoHS regulations.

Our monthly capacity exceeds 100,000 for the 10W guitar amplifier.

We also have our own electrical machine in the factory, ensuring the impregnability of production in the busy season.

R & D Capacity

We have an independent R&D Department, with strong technical supports by 20-plus engineers, who are professional in system configuration, electro-circuit, and appearance designs.

Working Environment

Central air condition system is used in every office and dust-free workshop, providing a comfortable working environment for all staffs.

Integrated Distribution System

We have two warehouses. The warehouse located in Wuhan city has 1486 square meters, and the one at Guangzhou city has 1500 square meters.

In the past years, we have established a matured high-level international distribution system. Through it, we are able to ensure on-time shipment and even meets large cubage requirements in the busy season.

High-quality Product

We uphold strict QC standards to produce UL, CUL, CE certified products. Our clients also value our integrated ISO 9001:2000 certified production.

We have a double-ensured QC system. In addition to the constant inspection on the production line, there is a separate QC department to undertake strict tests before every shipment. In this way, we ensure only high-quality products are delivered to our clients.